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Membership Structure

🤍 Basic membership: Free!

Includes access to public debates and our weekly emails.  


💙 Blue membership : $10.

Includes access to club nights, social events, law seminars, internal development tournaments and events).


💛 Gold membership: $20.

Includes access to all Debsoc events including external tournaments eg: Thropy, Joynt Scroll, Australs.

Sign up via PayPal:

Sign Up via Bank Transfer:

O-Week Stall 1.jpg

Come find us on campus in-person O'Week events to sign up in person!

Benefits of membership:

  • Coming on Thursday nights to debate in the internal tournament, receive coaching, or train as an adjudicator.

  • Come to our Public Debate during O Week.

  • Enjoying our social events - from the massive bar tab on Opening Night to the comedy backwards debate.

  • Attending open national and international tournaments, such as Thropy, NZBP or Sydney Mini.

  • Trialling for competitive domestic and international tournaments.

  • Entering the Oratory competition.

  • Voting at any SGMs and the AGM.

  • Our members get good grades and entry into restricted courses like Law at University. Why? Because our older members are always happy to help you out with coursework by meeting up or sharing notes. And because debating teaches you how to come up with a logical argument and communicate it clearly.

Sign Up On Campus

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