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The Society meets every Thursday night at university (we send out a weekly email to our members with details for what is happening each week). Each semester, Thursdays will be occupied by either scheduled rounds of the Horton Cup (Semester One)/ Log O' Johnston (Semester Two) internal tournaments or some of the other public debates and social events that are held by the society (for example, pub quiz or the comedy backwards debate).

The Horton Cup is an open entry tournament conducted in teams of three, and is held in the Australs style.

Log O' Johnston  is an open entry tournament conducted in teams of two, and is held in the British Parliamentary style.

Every Thursday we post a form so everyone who wants to debate or learn to adjudicate can sign up and we organise debates for everyone from there. Before each club night we run a development session so you can learn about debating and get a chance to put it into practice in the same night. If you're not quite ready to take the plunge you are also welcome to watch a debate and talk to the adjudicator afterwards to get a feel for how everything works!

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This development programme is a pathway for less experienced debaters to learn the techniques and skills to be competitive for selection to attend national and international tournaments.


Our 2022 development programme has two elements:

  • The first is our ‘how to debate’ seminars. These help new debaters gain the skills that will allow them to take part in club nights.

  • The second is our development sessions. In 2022 these will be run prior to club night (on a Thursday night) before participants take part in club nights. These are for novice debaters who want to gain more skills.

Development Programme


Melissa Connolly

Developoment Officer

Auckland Novice Tournament

Students During Break

Have you dabbled in debating before? Done some debating at school? Never debated before and keen to get amongst it? Then this is the tournament for you! Auckland Novice is our tournament for new and novice debaters and it's going to be a fun time!

The tournament is a great way to get started in debating and get to know some new people at university!

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Think the Debating Society just makes you DO debates? Not at all! If Debating is the kind of thing you prefer to watch then you are in the right club.

Each year the Debsoc hosts a number of fascinating and informative debates, featuring some of the best debaters on campus alongside some great personalities in the community.

In 2017 we hosted the first Election Debate of the year which was full of drama! In 2020, we again hosted the first election debate of the year - check out the Spinoff's write-up below.

This year, we've got an awesome debate coming up about the future of Covid-19, students, and NZ (featuring a star-studded cast including Jack Tame as host, Chloe Swarbrick, and David Seymour).

Public Debates

Social Events

Almost as much as we like to debate, the Debsoc loves to socialise just as much (if not more in many cases)! How can you take the edge of University alongside your favourite club?!

Why, every week of course!

First things first – a massive part of debating is the socialising we partake in every Thursday night. After debating in Arts 1 Debsoc is close to our local – Shadows. There we take advantage of some awesome drinks deals, and close proximity to some awesome food joints (Sal’s Pizza anyone?).

If you’ve had a hard week, keen to get some feedback after your debate, or just want to use a good hangover as an excuse for missing Friday lectures, this is the place to be. Come and join us!

Thropy – The party that spans an entire weekend!

Each year the debaters of Auckland and Wellington invade an unsuspecting small town to debate, party and generally let the good times roll. This year we will be road-tripping down to Hamilton. It is a unique opportunity for first year debaters to compete in an informal environment, an exclusively novice tournament with great topics and the opportunity to debate the talent from Wellington and Waikato. More importantly, every night of the weekend, the party ensues.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, flick us an email. Its fun for new and old debaters alike!

Pub Quiz

An event that speaks for itself – take a break from debating, join us for a hand-crafted pub quiz and show your skills! Along with an awesome prize to be had! A can’t miss event for everyone in the Debsoc.

End of Semester Dinner

Following the final of the Horton Cup each semester, the Debsoc likes to meet at a cosy BYO to celebrate the time gone by. A staple of the Debsoc social scene, we have become very skilled at BYO dinners. Last year's theme was "Villians", and some fantastic costumes were on display from various members of the Debating Society. Come along for a cheeky Pad Thai, a bottle of wine and some great conversation before we hit town for a few more drinks.

End of Year Party

After a hard year of debating, we like to let loose and reflect on the [mostly] ups and [rare] downs.  Following the Log'O Johnson final, the End of Year Party is the highlight of the social calendar. It promises to be an epic party – drinks flowing and fun all around. Await details with bated breath and don’t miss it!