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Weekly Club Nights 🧠🗣

Our Weekly Club Nights are every Thursday at 6 pm!

If you’ve never debated before, or want a recap as to what it’s all about, there'll be a development seminar at 5 pm which will build on the things you can use during club nights. If you're keen to develop your skills as a judge you'll be able to trainee, and if you’re keen to get debating, you’ll be able to put your name down and we will sort you into a team (or you and your friends can enter as a team).

Thropy 2021! 🎉

Save the date for the biggest and best tournament in New Zealand! 

Thropy is fast approaching and we can't wait to take a roadtrip to the exciting Hamilton for some extraordinary debates! 

Thropy is the North Island Novice debater’s tournament & is targeted at people who are new to university debating.  It’s an awesome way to improve your debating skills, have fun, and make some lovely friends from across the North Island.

The event page on Facebook can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/262021482140806/ 

We will be subsidising transport and accommodation costs and it's sure to be an excellent time


Come and check out the tournaments that you can attend throughout the year.

We run events throughout the year, ranging from regular club nights to social events and public debates.

Make sure to sign up so you can enjoy the full benefits of membership. It's only $10 for the full year, or you can sign up online for $12.