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    Welcome to the University of Auckland Debating Society

    The University of Auckland Debating Society was established in 1887 and is the oldest club on campus.  It’s also one of the largest; in 2016, we have over 700 members. 

    The University of Auckland Debating Society is New Zealand's most sucessful campus and 2016 has been our most sucessful year yet! Auckland is one of the top ten debating universities in the world alongside the likes of Cambridge, Harvard, and Oxford and is also New Zealand's only A tier world ranked university.

    In 2016 Auckland won Easters (the New Zealand Universities Impromptu Debating Tournament - James Penn and James Rankin) and Joynt Scroll (the New Zealand Universities Prepared Debating Championships - Lucy Harrsion, Aditya Vasudevan and Kayla Grant). We also won the University of Auckland 'General Club of the Year', 'Supreme Club of the Year' and our President Kayla Grant was runner up 'President of the Year'. Furthermore,  in 2015 we were only 1 or 3 universities to break 2 teams at Worlds. 

    In 2015, we won Thropy and we were in the final of Easters and Australs. 

    If you are interested in signing up this year - don't worry, it's not too late, come and see us at our stall by the Rec Centre during O-week or email us at exec@debating.co.nz, or see the 'Get Involved' tab for more information!

    For regular updates on club events head over to our Facebook page.

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